Friday, October 27, 2017

Diverse source

Felix Aguon
Age: 19
From: San Marcos, TX

Do you believe NFL players should be required to stand on the filed during the National Anthem?
- "No. I think they should be able to do whatever the believe in." He expanded by saying if the players have any concern on what's going on in the country, he supports their choice.
- "If they feel like kneeling or sitting is a good way to protest, I support their right to do it." He said "kneeling, it's own way, is still a respectful form of protest."

What was your initial thought or reaction to the media attention of these protests?
- It was very divisive and polarizing, definitely getting people riled up and angry. I would say, like about the wrong issues. People were going on and on about the protest itself, and were not really discussing the why the people are protesting."

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