Friday, October 27, 2017

Diverse Sources Quotes- Kyndal Runnels and Kaila Garrett

Rebekka Perez-
Age: 20
Classification: junior

How effective do you feel the protests have been?
"I think its pretty effective because people have been talking about it for months now so it's a very public thing"

How do you feel about Trump name calling the players and saying they should be fired if they kneal?
"I don't think he should be name calling because he should be above that since he's the president of the United States, I don't think thats right to fire them because that is their first amendment right to stand or sit or do anything they want to say how they feel"

If kneeling becomes banned how do you think this will change the protests?
"I feel like people will still do it if it becomes banned but I don't think it should be banned because that is a first amendment right freedom of speech, freedom of expression and to take that away would be taking away our rights as people, it would be very reminiscent of fascism in WW2 and I don't think that would be right"

Zephanie Battle and Charles Hornsby-

How effective do you feel the protests have been?

Zephanie- "It's become a bigger thing and people are taking into account
 what they're actually doing it for and its getting more noticed worldwide but I think its interpretation is getting mislead by many different people"
Charles- "I feel like it's brought the issue into the spotlight but like she said each side of the political spectrum has been able to twist it into whatever message they want because the players aren't able to speak on what it meets to them and why they're doing it, so then you have the news outlets able to
twist it to their narrative"

How do you feel about Trump name calling the players and saying they should be fired if they kneel?
Charles- "he's the highest leader in our office and he's the leader of the free world he shouldn't be
using juvenile schoolyard language to describe grown men being able to excersize their first amendment rights"
Zephanie- "I just think its ridiculous, nobody in his position as a leader should take that type of language about anyone because that just shows who you are as a person I cant even call him a leader at this point it's just not right; it's unfair to say they should be fired because they're protesting in a nonviolent way nobody's getting hurt, I guess he feels that the certain people who are doing it "black people" are lashing out in some kind of way even though it's not like that at all"

If kneeling became banned how do you think it will effect the protests?
Zephanie- "if you stop people's right from having a right they're going to lash out and
its going to turn into something a lot worse and negative and its going to seem that these people just want to lash out because they're rule breakers and its not about that, you take away our first amendment right with something that's been nonviolent the whole time its just going to make us lash out"
Charles- "right, you're adding police force to a protest and thats going to end up in a more violent situation than it already was, it doesn't help anything and it just adds negativity to both sides and create a bigger division than there already is"

Age: 19
Classification: senior

Age: 20
Classification: sophomore

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