Thursday, August 31, 2017

Meet Makailah Taylor!

By Caroline Zito

SAN MARCOS - Makailah Taylor is a Junior at Texas State University pursing a degree in Public Relations.  Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Makailah now calls San Marcos, Texas her home.  

Makailah, also known as Mak, was brought to Texas by her parents. They told her they were moving to Austin, Texas with or without her.  She decided, without hesitation, that she would join them in this journey.  Mak's mother had her at the age of 17, which has created the two to become very close.  When asked why she decided to come she quickly said that she could not imagine living that far away from her mother.  Mak had the opportunity to visit her family and friends this Summer as she traveled to Nashville for a week. 

When Mak isn't at school, you can find her hanging out with her friends or working.  She will either be working at Victoria Secret in the Outlet Mall, where she just went seasonal - or she will be serving cocktails at a nightclub on West 6th street in downtown Austin, called Pop.  She recently celebrated her 20th birthday in Florida. 

After graduating in 2019, she hopes of becoming a Publicist. 

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