Thursday, August 31, 2017


Written for Media Writing

Isn’t it comforting knowing over-achievers still exist in this generation? Chris is already ahead of the game running his own PR/Marketing business at the young age of 23. Juggling life’s milestones is no problem for Chris, who is on his way to graduating in Summer 2018 with a degree in Advertising. The Houston native’s first break in the PR world was bestowed upon him by one gracious owner of a restaurant he served at. After orchestrating fundraisers for the restaurant, Chris knew he had the magic touch and drive to go into business for himself. Now that the service industry is in the wind, Chris spends his days marketing for restaurants and coffee shops around Austin and earning his Bachelor’s! Who say’s you can't do it all?

This worker bee enjoys experiencing the Greenbelt in Austin with his girlfriend. Hiking and swimming is just a few of the active hobbies Chris enjoys. Be on the lookout for this threat, who is going to take the Public Relations and Marketing world by storm.

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