Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse Sources Interview

Diverse Sources

Quotes Collected By: Janessa Rutiaga
Source: Monique Martinez
Student, 18, Junior, Urban and Regional Planning Major,
From Mission, Texas

Question 1: Are you familiar with Trump’s immigration Policies?

“I am familiar with his immigration policies”

Question 2: How do you feel about them?

“Well personally, considering I am from the valley, I feel pretty strongly towards them because I know a lot of people that would be influenced if he does decide to go ahead with his policies of deportation and everything. Like I know a lot of people that will be affected, so for me it kind of scares me. Like I’m scared for my family, and my friends who are in DACA. My family who is illegal immigrants that are here with no documents. So, I’m kind of scared honestly.”

Question 3: Do you know anyone personally that’s an undocumented citizen and how does that change your perspective?

“Yeah, I do. There’s a big portion of my family that’s undocumented so if he were to pass a lot of his laws then they would have to go back to Mexico. And it’s people that were raised here, so all they know is the U.S. so going back to Mexico would be very different for them. Because they came across when they were like two years old, a year old, a few months old, before they were 5. Like my mom came here when she was five, I mean she’s a U.S. citizen now, but she came when she was five and she grew up here. So basically, like I guess the US is all that she knows.”

Question 4: Texas State is currently discussing becoming a sanctuary campus, how do you feel about it?

“I think it’s pretty good. I see there are a lot of Hispanic kids here, and there are some kids in my dorm that I know that are not legal. Like they’re DACA students, so I think it would be like a really good idea if we were able to do that. “

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