Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse sources - Jake Martinez

Diverse Sources
Quotes collected by: Austin MorleySource: Jake MartinezCommunications Major, 21

Question 1: So you are familiar with trump’s immigration policy where he’s trying to deport most if not all illegals

Answer: yes I am familiar

Question 2:how do you feel about that and illegals in general?

Answer:"I feel like deporting all illegals would be counter productive to American values as well as American economics, illegals make up a workforce that generally most americans would not want to do because they are low-paying, physical labor. Such as janitors and maybe construction workers and stuff, trying to take away these uh these jobs people wouldn’t want to uh take them. So yea I don’t feel like it would be very productive"

Question 3: Then regarding students, do you feel like undocumented students have a place on college campuses in the United states?

Answer: "yeah absolutely, I mean, America can benefit from intelligents minds regardless of citizenship or not, so uh yea I believe so."

Question 4: Do you think that Texas State could benefit from becoming a sanctuary campus? 

Answer:" Yea, in a sense, eh, I mean . . . I guess it just depends. We still would have to have the guidelines to what we hold for our normal students such as grades and stuff lke that so we couldn’t just accept anybody. But yea, I feel like if we follow our own guidelines we could benefit from that."

Question 5: Greg abbot has stated he would pull funding from any texas university that becomes a sanctuary campus, do you think we should still strive towards being a sanctuary campus?

Answer: "We wouldn’t want to get our funds pulled because protests could only do so much at one institution such as texas state. Considering texas state isn’t necessarily a top institution such as Ut or A&M or baylor or TCU. I don’t know if we could afford to lose the funding we get from the state."

Question 6: Do you think the status of sanctuary campus would affect how safe students feel?

Answer: "Oh yea, it would definitely affect how they feel about their safety, absolutely, because immigrations is already a hot button issue, and so I believe there is a large majority of students that would feel like their security was at stake."

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