Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse Sources Interview

Quotes collected by: Gustavo Figueroa
Source: Vanessa Garcia
Student Affairs Major, 25

Question 1: What is your opinion on President Trump's immigration policies that are affecting people across the country?

"I am honestly ashamed to live in this country under Trump's presidency. I cannot believe the outrageous claims and demands he is making against select groups of immigrants based solely on far right white protestant values. He's far from a fair and trustworthy president. The process of becoming a citizen in the U. S. is already a horribly long and tedious experience. It is very hard to do things the legal way and I think that if the process was easier there wouldn't be a need for regular, good people to avoid the law. It's the system that needs fixing."

Question 2: What if anything concerns you about the new law?

"From a non-personal stand, I'm very worried about this country's economy. It is driven by illegal immigrants at many levels. Causing a tear between the American people is literally tearing the country in half. The U. S. was formed in a melting pot of culture and it promises that anyone can come and have a chance at success and happiness. This new law goes against what's at the core of American values."

Question 3: Why should or shouldn't illegal immigrants be detained?

"Immigrants should not be detained. Criminals should. But a lot of immigrants are made illegal by force based on stereotypes and xenophobia. Like I said, the process should be easier. They should go after true criminals, not people trying to make a better life for themselves."

Question 4: Do you personally know someone who is illegal? How does that influence your opinion?

"I definitely have a couple friends that aren't here in the U. S. legally. I am Hispanic and I grew up around Hispanics, and a lot of them don't have their papers. But I don't blame them. While all of my family was born here, I've seen the fear many of my friends carry with them every day. They didn't deserve that. Many of them were some of the nicest, most honest people I have ever met. They don't deserve the fear of getting their life here stripped away."

Question 5:How do you feel about the ongoing discussions with university administrators to deem Texas State a "Sanctuary Campus?" Do you think that status would affect how safe students feel on campus?

"Having different kinds of people from all backgrounds and ethnicities on campus is what makes me proud to come to this school. What I think makes people feel unsafe is all the disgusting racist flyers people keep posting. That makes me fear for my safety and others. I think anyone who wants to pursue a higher education has all the right to go to college. I am on-board with Texas State becoming a Sanctuary Campus. People need a safe place in these gloomy times."

Question 6:

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