Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse Sources Interview

Quotes Collected by: Jackie GoffSource: Gaby O'ConnorSenior- French/German major with minor in Spanish Honors 

Question 1: What is your opinion about President Trump's immigration policies that are affecting people across the country? 

I'm Mexican and it didn't affect me but I really think it is very wrong. I don't think it will help anybody.  

Question 2: Why should or why shouldn't illegal immigrants be detained? 

I think it is a problem, we can't deny it. His policies are not the way to solve the problem. I understand people don't like other people coming to your country... but it happens in a lot of countries. There must be a way to find a good solution. 

Question 3: Do you personally know someone who is illegal? How does that influence your opinion? 

I have a cousin who came with a work visa last year and he hasn't been able to go out of the country because he is afraid he isn't going to be able to come back. 

Question 4: How do you feel about ongoing discussions with the university administrations to deems Texas State a "Sanctuary Campus?" 

It has nothing to do with education, they have no right to tell you to be here or not. It's the government so the rules are the rules. 

Question 5: Do you think you would feel safer if it's a sanctuary campus? 

Not really. I mean racist people are everywhere, and they aren't going to care. I don't think I would feel safer. 

Question 6: What part of Mexico are you from? 

Mexico City. I'm not illegal or anything but it feels weird also because they are attacking my people even though I've been living here for a while but still. You come here to this country and that's not what you think is going to happen. We have this view of American. It's a free country and then what happened? 

Question 7: Do you believe that in the end, the people that do not agree with the policies will come together and keep it from coming to pass? 

I do. I think it's already happening. I already feel a difference between when Trump won and now. 

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