Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse Sources Interview- Christian Bouchot

Diverse Source Interview
Quotes collected by: Iliana Martinez
Source: Christian Bouchot
Sociology major at Texas State University, age 21

Question 1: What is your opinion about President Trump’s immigration policies that are affecting people across the country?

"I am against the Trump administration's commitment to cracking down on immigration. It's an attempt at enforcing economic nationalism at the expense of the various ethnic groups in the United States. It is also an attack on the global working class."

Question 2: What, if anything, concerns you about the new law?

"What concerns me is the concentrated assault it has on the large number of immigrant groups that have escaped from the third-world. Under the neoliberal capitalism of the late 20th century the third and developing world was flooded with corporate rule. This brought extremely low wages and a harsh economic environment of capital to these countries. Naturally many citizens of the third world escaped to the first-world countries in search of a better life with higher wages. Now that free market capitalism no longer allows the first-world workers an exorbitantly higher amount of wages the working class in the first world is selfishly calling for a closed borders."

Question 3: Why should or why shouldn't illegal immigrants be detained?

"Immigrants shouldn't be detained because they are our comrades in the global struggle against capitalism. Everything that has put them in this position has been the by-product of capitalist tyranny on the global scale."

Question 4: Do you personally know someone who is illegal? How does that influence your opinion?

"I have worked in restaurant kitchens ever since I was 15 years old. Almost all the workers in these kitchens have been illegal immigrants. They all have the same story about growing up in a third or "developing" nation where giant monopolies own all the land within their towns and provinces and employ all the workers at an incredibly low wage. They tell me about the long trek they had to make to the United States in order to seek a better life. When they arrive in the United States all they have to look forward to is 60-80 hour work weeks where they send remittances to their families in their home countries and spend lonely day after lonely day in the bars. So these experiences have influenced my outlook greatly."

Question 5: How do you feel about ongoing discussions with university administrations to deem Texas State a "Sanctuary Campus." Do you think that status would affect how safe students feel on campus?

"I think its an awesome gesture that takes a stand, however, it almost always falls too close to the useless liberalism that has taken over the left wing in this country. The only way it makes sense to fight the establishment is if we root our actions in a larger revolutionary sense not in the empty liberalism that is supported by the wealthy upper class.

Question 6: How did growing up in a border town influence your outlook on the Trump administrations stance on illegal immigrants ?

"Its had a profound influence on my outlook in politics, let alone on the Trump administration. This is a war being fought against the global proletariat especially the Mexican workers that claw their ways into the light of the United States. In the end if Trump and the first-world workers have their way it will only be at the expense of the Latin American working class and their brothers and sisters that are coming into the country every day along the border."

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