Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diverse Sources - Cameron Goodall

Diverse Sources
Quotes collected by: Adam Cheng
Source: Cameron Goodall
Public Relations, Junior, 22

1. Question 1 What is your opinion about the President Trump’s immigration polices that are affecting people across the country?

"I think that at first it was a never before seen move to sign something to take place immediately without any warning or anything like that. It could be effective for what he was trying to say he was doing which is keeping out terrorism. I mean the reason he singled out seven countries is because there’s no denying that there are terrorists coming from at least those countries so he had a good idea on doing that."

2. What if anything concerns you about the new law?

"Just the way that people are perceiving it strictly as a Muslim ban. The way that people talk about it, it does comes across as really racial and anti-Islam which I personally don’t think is the ultimate agenda. People that are trying to fight and oppose Trump are trying to put this label on it to make it seem like a derogatory kind of law."

3. Why should or why shouldn’t illegal immigrants be detained?

"I think it depends more on what the criteria is right now. I feel like if you’ve been in the country for basically your whole life illegally and you’ve started a family and everything like that and you’ve been a good citizen with no criminal problems then I think that should be perfectly ok. I mean you did come in illegally but if you’ve already been here and started a life and everything then there’s no reason that you should be just uprooted from everything and kind of thrown to the side but on the other hand if you have criminal history or if you came here and don’t do anything to benefit the country or the community you’re in then you’re just taking advantage honestly."

4 Do you personally know someone who is illegal? How does that influence your opinion?

"No I don't know anyone that's illegal, I mean I have known of people who were illegal in the past. I've never known a criminal like that, I don't want to associate myself with those kind of people so I wouldn't have an opinion on that honestly."

5.     How do you feel about ongoing discussions with university administrations to deem Texas State a “Sanctuary Campus?” Do you think that status would affect how safe students feel on campus? 

"I think sanctuary campus and feeling safe on campus do not go hand in hand personally. I see the idea in where a lot of people would think that it would be such a great thing to have happen by thinking if you're illegal you're safe here. That in my opinion would push the limit for people that think they can get across the border illegally and you come to our city because it's a safe city and you'll be ok. Those cities are going to grow and grow which I feel is just going to effect way more things negatively than it would if you just don't have the sanctuary in place. I get the idea that it's safe for people that are here right now but in the long run it wouldn't be a positive thing."

6. What was your main reason for voting for Donald Trump?

"Honestly, I have in the past watched him on TV like when he was on the Apprentice when it first started. So when I was younger I had a really great respect for him just from the way he presented himself even though I know it was on TV. He's still kinda somewhat doing that same thing, those kind of deals and that type of boardroom setting whenever he's actually working, because of how successful he's been. People try to say how unsuccessful he's been because he has gone bankrupt three times out of the hundreds of business's that he owns,  but I just see him as somebody who is very successful and he taught himself everything that he did and whenever he was age 18 he was studying tax law and building real estate tax law so he is just self-taught. I feel like he kind of has a vision for what he wanted to do with this country and it was in a way better direction than his opponent candidate was trying to take things. In a sense, I feel that he saved the country from what would have happened if he had lost."

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