Saturday, January 21, 2017

The One Where The Gang Meets Saray Cuevas

Saray Cuevas, 20,  hails from McAllen, TX, but for now, she calls San Marcos home. As a double major in Electronic Media and Spanish, Saray is not afraid of hard work and also remains active at the Baptist Student Ministery at Texas State.

Saray aspires to break into television, though her dreams don't necessarily include being on camera. She would like to pursue video editing, perhaps working with local new stations. The inspiration for this profession coming from her favorite YouTuber, Zoella.

Saray's father, who plays in a mariachi band, influenced her to pick up the violin. She has played the instrument for seven years, playing music with her father and two older siblings who also sing.

In her spare time, Saray loves binge-watching Netflix shows such as The Crown. However, her favorite show barre none is Friends. A show she swears to quote on a daily basis. Just ask her best friend!

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