Saturday, January 21, 2017

Presenting Micailah Nobles

Micailah Nobles arrived early to the world, weighing only one pound and two ounces. Delivered a whole four months early, she was born on May 29, 1997. Micailah was born and raised in Austin, Texas; however, when she was fourteen she moved to Pflugerville, Texas.
  Nobles played basketball for two years but had to discontinue due to her heart murmur. This pushed her to Speech and Debate, which she devolved such a passion for the competitive communication event that she had been in it for six years. Micailah has ranked 32nd in the nation in High School, and 5th in the nation in college. The charismatic woman has served as a captain to both teams. When asked about one of her most interesting experiences, she explodes with excitement thinking back to one of her Speech and Debate competitions in Gainesville, Florida. She saw her very first alligator but nearly fell in the enclosed area in which it was kept!

 Micailah Nobles loves Texas State University and plans to continue her college years here, sure to stay very far from any alligators.

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