Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trista Castillo Ladies and Gents

Trista Castillo is a 5-foot, 20-year-old junior at Texas State University. Originally, she is from a town called Mission, Texas right near the Mexican border. In the place she calls home, her parents own a business called "Taco Ole" that has been around for more than 40 years.

Trista is a woman of many passions and talents, that range from cheerleading to acting, to fashion and even traveling.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Digital Media with hopes of being an anchorwoman. She has had various experience in her work field, including a summer internship at a radio station called KRGV! Today, she works as a lifestyle reporter for the the University Star at Texas State.

Above all, Trista has a love for writing. She has a knack for telling stories and making people laugh. She runs a blog called "Yaas Girl!" on Wordpress with consistent posts about her passions and her daily life. Make sure you remember the name Trista Castillo because it'll definitely be a name you'll hear in the future!

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