Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meet Miss. Lesley Caron

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SAN MARCOS- On September 30th, of 1996, Lesley Caron was born in the beautiful town of Matamoros, Mexico. Shortly after however, Caron and her family of her mother, father, and younger fourteen year old brother, made their way to Texas, and currently reside in Houston. Though she has lived in Houston the majority of her life, Caron is no stranger to adventure and traveling. To name a few, Caron has traveled to Venice, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; France; the Dominican Republic; and London. Caron says that London was, “by far the trip [she] enjoyed the most because the people and environment are simply fascinating.” Caron continued expressing her love for London by stating that she desires to obtain an internship there one day.

   In addition to traveling, Caron likes being involved on campus as well. Here at Texas State University, Caron has held positions within the Admissions Office, as an Orientation Leader, a helper in Bobcat Preview, as well as served as a University Ambassador. Caron believes she is very outgoing yet oddly shy at first. She describes herself as an extroverted-introvert. Caron also believes that with wanting to be outgoing comes responsibility and that is why she likes to stay involved on campus and help other students organize their planners and strengthen their time management skills. If you happen to meet Lesley Caron, talk to her about her trip to London and maybe even pick up some tips on how to manage your course load for school and your social life.

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