Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meet Chaitlin Bell

Chaitlin Bell has lived in a few states, but Texas is the one she calls home. The 21-year-old is a junior at Texas State studying public relations with a minor in media studies because she "loves movies and TV!" She one day hopes to be a publicist for film, music or art.

She says she chose public relations because she's always wanted to be a publicist and has always liked being behind the scenes.

When asked why she chose Texas State she said, "This school seemed like it would give me the most out of the college experience with people that actually care about you. It's also a beautiful campus!"

When Chaitlin isn't pursuing her dreams in school, she likes to hang out and jam or watch movies or TV. She can play the flute, guitar and bass and loves all kinds of music. She loves movies so much she can't even pick a favorite.

Chaitlin was also born and raised a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Being from Arlington, Chaitlin and her family have made it a tradition of going to the Thanksgiving game every year. They even have a piece of the Texas Stadium turf!

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