Friday, January 20, 2017

Jennifer Karotkin Introducing to You

Jennifer Karotkin
Jennifer is twenty- one years old that is ordinarily from Austin, Texas but lives in San Marcos now. She started going to Texas State University in 2014.  Jennifer is a junior at Texas State University studying mass communication and journalism, her minor is music.  While she has been going to school Jennifer decided to be a full-time student and just focus on her studies. After graduation, Jennifer plans to move back to Austin to look for a job but also because she wants to be close to her family.  Jennifer is a person that loves to travel to different places to see new things and explore them. Some places she wants to see one day is England. When Jennifer was younger she traveled a lot with her family and was amazed on what she seen. One place she went to was Galapagos islands.  She is very passionate about writing and music therefore you would catch her doing it in her spare time for fun.  Jennifer is open minded and loves all kinds of music like country, hip hop, pop and soft rock. Jennifer also likes to sing in her spare time for fun. She always loved to sing since she was in elementary school and used to be in a choir programs throughout school.  Her favorite bands are Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeroes.  Another interesting fact about Jennifer is that she is an animal lover.  She has one dog named Kaleb that is a seven-year-old boxer that she loves to take a lot of pictures of.

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