Sunday, January 22, 2017

Iliana Martinez: Transformers collector.

By Gustavo Figueroa
The radical soul, herself.
Photo taken from her Facebook

When meeting Iliana, your first impression wouldn't be that she's a big time Transformers collector. However, she will quickly tell you, as she told me, that currently she is especially interested in the Transformers G1 series.

Collecting action figures is merely one of many passions Iliana pursues, however. She can play your pick of saxophone, piano, guitar or even accordion. A talented and ambitious gal, she is a super senior majoring in Advertising with a Minor in International Studies, though she has not always been on that path.

Dreaming to become a CRNA Pre-med student, she attended the University of Texas Brownsville in her hometown, but after two years of taking basics she quickly came to the realization that her future lied elsewhere. So she got out of town and in pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, she found Texas State University, San Marcos, and decidedly changed her major to Advertising in a brave turn-around."I enjoy my degree now," she gladly admits as she starts her third year at Texas State, pursuing a Master's degree, no less. 

If you meet Iliana, you might also meet Franchesca, her service certified chiweenie who enjoys visits to the zoo. Her good behavior, Iliana explains, gains this cute dog access to places many dogs wouldn't dream of visiting, like restaurants and aquariums. 
Get to know what Iliana and Franchesca are all about. I promise you're in for a great time.

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