Thursday, January 19, 2017

Getting to know Kelli West

By Belen Ramos

SAN MARCOS - Kelli West is a sophomore at Texas State University working at a bachelor's degree in public relations.
West hopes to do public relations for a sports team after she graduates.

Kelli West was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only 5 years old. With a blood glucose meter attached to her side, Kelli checks her levels three times a day. Kelli has remained vigilant when watching her blood sugar levels for the majority of her life.  Though Kelli has faced a few limitations due to her condition, she has never let diabetes limit her personal success. Kelli West is proud to say that her condition has taught her important lessons about responsibility and organization, which she hopes to carry over to her professional life.

Kelli's favorite pastime is playing with her new puppy! She is fond of her rescue pit bull mix, and hopes to train her as a diabetic service dog. Kelli also loves adding new pieces to her tattoo collection and eating her favorite food, macaroni and cheese!

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