Thursday, September 1, 2016

Skating through his goals

By: Gabriela Flores
Writing for Mass Media Student

Junior at Texas State University
Major: Advertising in Digital Media

21-year-old Pablo Mejia is skating to his goals, and his family is cheering him on.

Mejia was born in Brownsville, Texas, September 24, 1994. He lived with his family in Mante, Tamaulipas, for 8-years. In hopes of a brighter future they moved to Dallas, Texas, where his father works. Mejia is first generation in his family to attend college. He studied for two- years at Collin County Community College in Dallas, Texas, where he earned his associates of arts. He wanted to continue his education and transferred to Texas State University, to enhance his knowledge in digital media.

Mejia is passionate about filming. He currently films a personal trainer and The Legacy, which is a band his friends are in. He makes these short films to advertise their work. In the future he wants to continue making short films, such as wedding events or short personal projects. His hobbies include skating and having his friends record him. Mejia is a fast learner and learned how to skate in, as little as 3- years. He is going to participate in Marry Hill fall free ride where he will join 100 other skaters in free falling down a hill in Austin, Texas. Pablo Mejia is expected to graduate fall of 2017 and is looking forward in accomplishing more of his goals.

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