Thursday, September 1, 2016

Setting leadership bars high in his past, present, and future

Alejandro smiles big.
Photo by Alejandro Hinojosa

Writing for Mass Media Student

SAN MARCOS - Alejandro Hinojosa spoke about the leadership skills he brought from his previous university and how he plans to apply them at 5 pm Monday in Old Main as part of a student interview.

Alejandro Hinojosa an Electronic Media student with a minor in leadership studies, transferred to Texas State about a year and a half ago. At his previous university Texas A&M International he was a student recruiter, and was involved in three student leadership programs.

After being interviewed it was clear that Alejandro would be a great student recruiter for Texas State University as well. He often offers the advice to students that perspective is your choice as well as the lenses through which you’ll view your life so choose wisely.

He shared that after transferring he found San Marcos gave him a new appreciation not only for Texas State but for his home in Laredo, Tx.

At his previous university the student population was predominately Mexican American, so he immediately feel in love with the diversity here at Texas State University.

Alejandro has plenty of leadership experience, and skills such as being bilingual combined with a passion to break down the barriers between leaders and those who work for them. He will be graduating in the Spring of 2018, and is considering going on to get his masters in Mass Communications. 

Either way it’s safe to say Alejandro will make a great leader on whatever path he chooses.

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