Thursday, September 1, 2016

Crime reporter Jessica James takes interest in something different

Writing for mass media student

SAN MARCOS - Her name is Jessica James. Jessica is currently an instructor teaching at Texas State University in San Marcos for the school of Journalism. 

She has currently been living in Texas for about 3 years but before moving to Texas she lived in her hometown which is Cleveland, Ohio. Jessica was a crime reporter. There were various reasons behind why she moved from Cleveland to Texas and changing her career. For one, Jessica’s job was at night, so this kind of made things a bit difficult but it was something that she was good at. Another reason for moving was because of financial issues, which came from the fact that the company that she worked for ended up going out of business. Although faced with these challenges, Jessica James stayed focused and decided to move to Texas and go to Grad School where she studied to be an instructor for Texas State.

Jessica enjoys the job that she has now a lot more than being a crime reporter. She enjoys the challenge of teaching many different students. Overall, she likes the community as a whole along with the surroundings and the people in general.

In her free time, she enjoys doing trivia, softball, board games, meeting new people, and painting. Out of all of these hobbies, Jessica loves painting the most. She loves to paint animals, especially dogs. Painting is one of Jessica’s favorite hobbies because it really allows her to express the creativity that she has. Her passion for paint came to her at a young age. She had always been good at drawing. This was such a passion to her that she almost took her talent and went to art school but decided not to because of the many challenges and obstacles that come along with going to an art school.

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