Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A New Wave

San Marcos — Born on Sept. 17, 1994 in Nashville, TN, Bryce Scarver then moved to San Antonio at the age of 2 where he spent the rest of his childhood and teenage years. His life is somewhat of the average person in terms of academics and interests but his dreams are what sets him apart from the rest.

Attending a private school in San Antonio, St. Marys Hall, Bryce competed on the Varsity Basketball team where he started as one of the “big men” on the team trying to snag rebounds and block the shots of the less talented. He also ran for the track team making him more versatile and stayed competing year round. While being at a smaller private high school he still found his interests to be on a broad spectrum and all the high school experiences he had has now molded him into the aspiring artist he strives to become. 

Majoring in Radio and TV broadcasting at 21 years old, Bryce has found his niche and dream at such a young age that all that is left for him is putting the hard work and dedication in setting himself apart and suceeding. His dream is to own his own record label where he has the freedom to make the music he feels that needs to be released and also signing talent to let their innovation on music be unique and while he is working hard at that he also has the aspiration of having a radio station where he has the ability to play what he wants, when he wants and how we wants. While he patiently waits for opportunities to arise for these bold dreams he is also looking into becoming an artist as well.

While having his own radio station and label, he first has to create a reputation for himself and becoming a music producer seems like the exact way to start his journey. He is currently acquiring new materials and equipment to take his early abilities to a new level and start his own sound. He dreams to be like Kanye West, a self start up man only working on music and knowing that the love of music and his dedication is what will sets him apart. 

Bryce Scarver is taking the American Dream to new levels. 

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