Thursday, March 3, 2016

Too many students, not enough space


SAN MARCOS—Texas State has set record breaking enrollment for the 18th consecutive year, forcing the school to accommodate the growth by implementing series of projects such as, housing and building expansions.

For some, the population growth is exciting, but others vocalized frustrations that come with increased enrollment.

“These are exciting times at Texas State,” said Texas State President Denise Trauth. “Not only does the University have more students than ever before, we have more students taking more hours.”

Graduate student Nicole Pilson isn’t happy about the increase.

“I don’t think San Marcos is big enough to accommodate this many students and you have to think about housing. They’ve already had an overflow of students and had to find places for these students to live,” Pilson said.

From fall 2014 to fall 2015 the enrollment increased by approximately 1,250 students. A large part contributed by freshman with a record breaking class of 5,727. This growth is seen on campus as multiple dorms are being built each year.

Although, more is being built, students wanting to live on campus are having struggles due to the limited amount of spaces provided on campus dorms.

Sophomore Catherine Wicker said, “I couldn’t live on campus as a freshman. I had to find an apartment off campus, because there weren’t any more dorms left for me and a lot of other students.”

According to the Housing Policy Contract, freshman or transfer students with less than 30 hours are required to live on campus, but the growth has surpassed the policy for multiple students.

“When I first got here I really wanted to stay in a dorm to really get that college experience. The dorms were so packed that they couldn't get me in, so it was really upsetting. Honestly, there just needs to be more housing outlets for students. Especially on campus.” Junior Kyle Cavnar said.

An increase in students comes with an increase in vehicles, leading to parking problems. Students stressed their concerns of parking on campus and how there needs to be more areas for parking.
“Parking here is absolutely terrible… every time I go to campus for a meeting or a practice I have to leave 45 minutes early just to ensure that I can find a parking space and get to wherever I need to go on time.” Sophomore Anna Herod said.

Buying a parking pass does not ensure you a parking spot. There are very few parking garages and they’re almost always full.

“I bought a parking pass, but even with the pass you can barely find anywhere to park. It's dumb because you pay so much for that pass and it doesn't help half the time,” said Herod.

San Marcos and the University need to keep up with the expansion by “acquiring more land for expanding school buildings and parking garages,” Senior Robert Poland said, “Or increase the qualifications of the enrollment rate and make it harder to get accepted.”

The University’s growth rate is a good thing for the school, but has its disadvantages as well. This rapid growth will continue, and it is up to the University and city of San Marcos to adapt to these changes and make the community rise.

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