Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Texas State sets new total enrollment record for the 18th year


Texas State President Denise M. Trauth is excited by the university continuing to set new records for total student enrollment, while students are beginning to question if the construction in San Marcos, due to the university preparing for this influx of students, will ever come to an end.

With the most diverse student body in school’s history, Texas State University is the proud home of 38,000 students.  Currently, it is ranked the 4th public university in Texas, and the 31st in the United States. The university also recently earned a higher Carnegie Foundation research ranking. Thus earning it the nickname, The Rising Star of Texas.

Fall 2015 welcomed an incoming freshman class of 5,727 students. A 7% increase from 2014. As enrollment continues to set records, the campus continues to expand, attempting to make room for the new and prospective students. Texas State President Denise M. Trauth said the university has more students than ever before.

“These are exciting times at Texas State,” President Trauth said.

In fall 2016, after the Moore St. Housing Project is completed, Texas State University will house almost 7,000 undergraduate students in 22 different dorms. Texas State University is unique with its requirement for incoming freshman to spend their first year living on campus.

With the increase in freshman enrollment, competition between students in selecting living options is getting tougher as rates are expected to increase five percent in the upcoming fall 2016 – spring 2017 school year.

Recent graduate of Texas State Cosmo Wilson, 24, of Richardson, said at his graduation ceremony in August, it was announced that ten new buildings had been erected on campus since he was a freshman in 2010. Though the university works swiftly to improve and expand the campus, the city’s ability to accommodate the expansion is beginning to come into question.

"The city is doing the best they can now to grow with the increasing amount of students, but I think they should have been foreseeing this and working ahead of the growth instead of with it," Wilson said.

With 59,000 residents calling San Marcos their home, 38,000 of those residents are students at Texas State University. At the rate the university in growing, the city is scrambling to keep up.

Junior Adam Austin is a transfer student and realizes that his enrollment is part of the increase at Texas State. Adams said the university is more positively diverse than his previous school, but that the increase of students is starting to negatively affect the city of San Marcos.
“The amount of construction around the city is overwhelming, but that is understandable in order to accommodate the increasing population,” Austin said.

Currently, San Marcos has seven projects contracted out, costing the city a little over 52 million dollars. Some of these projects not due to be completed until Spring 2017, evidence that this problem is not going to subside any time soon.

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