Thursday, March 3, 2016

Growing population leaves students concerned

BY: Erinn Jaet

SAN MARCOS- Texas States Population has grown rapidly over the past several years reaching over 38,000 students. This population change has been concerning for students future success in their classes.

Texas State has hit their 18th consecutive record for enrollment. According to a University press release, Texas State has an enrolment record of over 38,000 students this fall.

"These are exciting times at Texas State," said Texas State President Denise M. Trauth. “Not only does the university have more students than ever before, we have more students taking more hours.

Though President Trauth seems to be optimistic about this enrollment change, students fear it is a major concern for their education.

“My class sizes aren’t what they said they were going to be when I started here. They said the average size class would be at least in the 30s or smaller. Definitely not 50 or more people per class,” said senior Eddie Dees. “And that has affected my learning; I am a one on one/few learner vs. a lecture learner.”

Dees brought up a serious issue that affects numerous other students who require closer attention while learning.

“With more and more people coming into Texas State, the more you have to compete with others to get into certain classes for your major,” Says sophomore Jessica Dougay. “If you can’t get into a class, it can push you back, making you have to stay here longer which costs you more money in the long run.”

Dougay believes that raising the standard of curriculum for acceptance would help minimize the overcrowding of students.

“I’m a transfer student, so it was really hard for me to get In any classes,” says Simone McQuitty. I transferred as a junior, and with the upper level courses, class sizes aren’t nearly as big if I had transferred as maybe a sophomore so that affected me greatly.”

Not only was McQuitty limited by her course selection, her financial aid was also effected.

 “I had to take fewer hours than I had wanted to,” McQuitty said. “Because it was so hard to get into classes, it was kind of a domino effect with my financial aid and all that because I didn’t have as many hours, I wasn’t able to apply for my transfer of financial aid. “

These students, as well as many others all agree that increased enrollment would be good for Texas State. However, action needs to be taken in order to accommodate every student scheduling needs.

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