Thursday, March 3, 2016

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University lagging behind the quickly growing population in San Marcos


SAN MARCOS- Texas State University’s student body is growing astronomically, causing construction, questions and concerns in the community.

Texas State is the fourth largest University in Texas and is growing astronomically with record- setting enrollment for 18 years in a row and a student body of 38,006. The growth is hard to keep up with in such a small town, and the construction puts a lot of pressure on the residents.

The freshman class of 2015 brought in 5,727 students. A diverse group of scholars who bring up minority enrollment to 49%, as well as increasing enrollment 7% from 2014.

“These are exciting times at Texas State,” President Trauth said. "Nearly half of the entering freshmen ranked in the top quarter of their high school class. That’s a significant increase over last year."

The numbers are exciting but with more students the University is constantly fighting the ugly truth that there simply is not much more room to grow. The issue for students like Robert Poland, sophomore from Kilgore, lies within all the construction traffic.

“Traffic has really been an issue, it is inevitable wherever you go, especially near campus” Poland said.

Poland like many others is not alone in these feelings, some students are considering transferring to avoid some of these growing pains in San Marcos, like sophomore, Parker Dak of Denton.

“Parking on campus is getting to be more difficult and costly.” Dak said. “I have to commute to campus and I do not know what I will do if something does not change. If I have to do this for 2 more years I might consider transferring."

Commuters see the irony in all of this; there is new construction everywhere but no new plans for them to park on campus. Many students share the pain with Junior, Megan Osburn from Houston.

“Permits are just expensive and then even when you buy one, you can't find a parking spot during the day unless it's way out by the stadium.” Osburn said. “I still feel that the university could do better when it comes to parking.”

Parking Permit options for students are limited and expensive: residence hall permit at $485, commuter permit at $115, Mill St. permit at $115 and motorcycle permit at $115. Parking services website determined that there are 85 acres of dedicated land throughout campus for parking.
As a result of the discussions of the campus master plan, it was determined that several additional garages must be built on the campus within the next 10 years.” Parking Service said.

Many more years of construction on campus and around San Marcos will happen. Students of the present and future will still have their beloved San Marcos, and will have to live with the ever expanding city.

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