Thursday, March 3, 2016

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Texas State population growth leaves students worried

BY Marta Ramirez

SAN MARCOS – Texas State University has reached a record-setting enrollment for the 18th consecutive year causing doubt among students about the level of difficulty of admission requirements.

According to a university press release, the student enrollment for the 2015 fall semester was 38,006, an increase from the 36,764 enrollment the previous year. The undergraduate enrollment also set a new record with an enrollment of 33,504. The freshman class, made up of 5,727 students, lead to an approximately 7 percent increase from 2014.

President Denise M. Trauth said the university has more students than ever before. The students are taking more hours allowing them to graduate in a more convenient time.

“These are exciting times at Texas State,” said Trauth.

Students have shown concern regarding the admission requirements not being enough of a challenge for applicants.

Sophomore Jessica Dougay, of Buda, said the increased enrollment makes it difficult to get in the classes she would like to be in.

“Well I wouldn’t say that they shouldn’t let more students in, but I definitely think they should raise the standard of curriculum, so it would be more challenging for incoming students,” said Dougay.

For 2016 fall semester applicants must meet the required credits listed in the university’s admission website.  The university also offers assured admission, which requires applicants to meet certain SAT/ACT scores depending on their rank in order to have an automatic acceptance. Part of the application is an optional essay in which applicants are given three prompts to choose from. The prompts have remained the same for a few years.

Texas State’s acceptance rate has remained around 70 percent for the past years.

Sophomore Rolando Reyna, 20, from Houston, says he would like to see the requirements raised to limit the growth and keep the university from being overpopulated.

Reyna said, “I hope that because of the population growth our university becomes more exclusive and established and that people start viewing us on the same academic level as University of Texas and Texas A&M.”

Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois said the 2015 fall freshman class was the largest in the university’s history and it was made up of many of the top students in the state.

“Nearly half of the entering freshman ranked in the top quarter of their high school class,” said Bourgeois.

Sophomore Victoria Anton, 19, from Houston has seen this change already.
“I think the university should keep doing what they’re doing, which is increasing the standards for acceptance,” said Anton.

Anton thinks the university should not continue to grow because there is not enough space in the city.

For more information on Texas State current and past admission requirements contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (512) 245-2364 or visit their admission page.

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