Thursday, March 3, 2016

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Increased enrollment effects San Marcos
By Amy Thornton

SAN MARCOS- In recent years Texas State enrollment has been record setting.  But in a small town like San Marcos, a growing University can be problematic.

According to a university press release the amount of increase the school has had in the past several years, with 2015 having the highest enrollment of 38,006 and the school continues to increase the enrollment record each coming year.

Freshman, Missy Contreras, 18 year-old San Marcos resident, has been noticing the impact for a while.

“Being from San Marcos, it’s definitely been weird to see how big we’ve gotten I grew up here and the town just keeps getting bigger,” Contreras said.  

Being a life long San Marcos resident isn’t necessary to see the affects taking place, sophomore transfer, Victoria Anton, 19, has been seeing the differences since she began school here.

“From just the fall semester to the spring semester I feel that more people have moved to San Marcos. I’ve noticed an increase in traffic around town and that the local department stores are more crowded,” Anton said.

Anton thinks the university is outgrowing the town, and will soon be the size of the surrounding larger cities.

“I don’t think the university should continue to grow because San Marcos is already a fairly small town and I feel we are at our capacity of people. If we keep growing, it will be too crowded like Austin,” Anton said.

As well as the town getting bigger its effects on the university are not going unnoticed by Contreras.

“Classes have been filling up faster and its harder to get the classes you want,” Said Contreras.

President of Texas State, Denise M. Trauth thinks the growth is a good thing, along with the enrollment numbers going up, so are student hours.

“Not only does the university have more students than ever before, we have more students than ever before, we have mores students taking more hours. That reflects strongly on our students’ success, and our students earning their degrees in a timely manner.” Trauth said.

But with increased enrollment rate is coming increasingly qualified students. Texas State Provost Eugene Bourgeois is impressed by the number of top ranked students increasingly attending the university.

"This fall's freshman class is the largest in Texas State's history, and included more of the top students in the state," Bourgeois said. "Nearly half of the entering freshmen ranked in the top quarter of their high school class. That’s a significant increase over last year."

Increased enrollment is having quite an impact in every aspect of the community, from the university itself, to the community surrounding it. For more information about the recent enrollment numbers visit

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