Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Diverse Sources Assignment

Is student growth harming or helping San Marcos?
By: Kaley Consford

SAN MARCOS- Some students are concerned that the city of San Marcos cannot keep up with the continuous enrollment on campus at Texas State University, but said that the population growth has certain benefits for the university.

Increased student enrollment continues to make record-breaking numbers at Texas State University. The 2014 fall semester marked the 18th consecutive year that the university set a new record for total student enrollment according to a university press release.

The increase in student enrollment has created a lot of issues with crowding at the university and city level. Some students feel that the constant growth has the city and university always trying to improve in order to sustain the growing population.

“It feels like the city is always three steps behind when it comes to construction going on and any public works being taken care of,” Sophomore Rolando Reyna, 20, of Houston said, “ San Marcos is constantly trying to improve the city in order to meet the needs of the growing population, but it’s a slow process that can’t currently keep up with how fast the population is growing”

There are currently 7 projects in construction and 15 projects in design to help improve the city infrastructure of San Marcos according to the Engineering and Capital Improvements Department.

The university is also currently overseeing 26 construction projects that they have invested over $750 million in to better the student experience at Texas State according to Finances and Support Services Division.

“I do not think the growth is good for San Marcos, because this town is a small town and there’s only so much room for growth,” Senior, Erica Madera, 21, of San Marcos said,
“We’re located between two very large cities, and if we continue to grow we’re just going to become one large metropolitan area.”

Although the growing population causes some construction and crowding inconveniences with in the city, some students still feel proud that Texas State is gaining more prominence as a university.

“Even though the growth causes a lot of problems, it’s still a good thing because as the population increases it’s better for the reputation of our school,” said Reyna.

Some students at Texas State also make it clear that it’s important to them for other people to recognize that this growth represents that the university is great choice.

“ I think the increase in growth is good for Texas State, because it’s getting our name out there and shows other people that we do have a good reputation and a good school,” said Madera.

The growing student population may present certain issues for students and the residents of the city of San Marcos, but the Texas State University Administration assures that these changes are for the better.

“These are exciting times at Texas State,” said Texas State President Denise M. Trauth. “Not only does the university have more students than ever before, we have more students taking more hours. That reflects strongly on our students’ success, and our students earning their degrees in a timely manner."

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