Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Diverse Source 3

Quotes collected by: Alexx Ward
Source: Elizabeth Gonzales
Identifying Information: Freshman, 18
Criminal Justice Major/ Psychology Minor, HHC member

Q: Do you feel there is a diverse selection of student organizations at Texas State? 
A: "I think there are plenty of organizations that appeal to different people. Some seem to be less diverse in regards to race but there are a few that have diversity among their members. I honestly think the organizations on campus could be more diverse but it all depends on what people appeal to the most."

Q: Why did you join HHC? 
A: "I joined Hip Hop Congress because I like hip-hop, it's my favorite music genre. I like how the organization focuses on diversity; I felt like I was going to be able to fit well with everyone. And I was interested in the artists and their music, seeing them perform and stuff."

Q: Would you suggest to other students to go to a HHC meeting? 

A: "I have actually before. I think explaining to people what HHC actually is doesn't do the meetings justice so I tell people just to check it out. The meetings open people's mind up to different topics, whether it's about diversity or hip-hop, I feel it can benefit anyone.”

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