Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Diverse Source 2

Quotes collected by: Alexx Ward
Source: Eric Rabara
Identifying information: Sophomore, Psychology Major, and V.P. of Events & Marketing at HHC

Q: What makes HHC such a diverse organization?
A: “Because the (hip-hop) music is universal. I think that all people can identify with the (hip-hop) music and the campus is diverse so naturally they come together.”

Q: What was your first semester with HHC like?
A: “It’s just this crazy situation where you go in there to meet people and then you not only meet them but you embrace them completely and even become friends; you form bonds that way.”

Q: Why should students come to a HHC interest meeting?

A: “We really open up our arms to everybody, everyone’s welcomed. We’ve never kicked anybody out, we don’ t really have those kind of issues. It’s a safe environment and I think a lot of people can relate.”

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