Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Diverse Source 1

Quotes collected by: Alexx Ward
Source: Chris Alvarado
Identifying Information: Senior, Advertising major

Q: How does Hip-Hop Congress (HHC – a student organization) contribute to the diversity at Texas State?
A: ”The nature of hip-hop is rooted in diversity and based in sub-cultures and sub-genres from all over the world, so our organization embodies that.”

Q: How does HHC embrace the different types of students Texas State has?
A: “We don’t expect people to change or be a certain way, we just tell people show up the way you are and be you.”

Q: What is the mission for HHC?
A: ”We just wanted to bring hip-hop lovers together and help the community, whether its through community outreach or education-based programs, just come together and impact the city in any way we could.”

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