Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diverse Sources Exercise Interview 2

Quotes collected by: Kaley Consford
Source: Rolando Reyna
Age: 20
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Houston, TX

Texas State has reached record-setting enrollment for 18 consecutive years. How have you been affected by the increased enrollment?

“Well, there’s no where to park at all, but as enrollment increases our place in higher education gets bigger so when I graduate my degree is going to be worth a lot more compared to if I were to graduate ten years ago.”

How has the increased enrollment impacted growth at the city-level?

“It feels like the city is always three steps behind when it comes to the amount of construction going on and any public works being taken care of. San Marcos is constantly trying to improve the city in order to meet the needs of the growing population, but it’s a slow process that can’t currently keep up with how fast the population is growing.”

What do you think the university should do to address the growth in population?

“I think they should raise the admission requirements. It’s unfortunate that you have to say “some of you can't come to our university", but I think that’s what’s necessary to keep the university from being overpopulated.”

What changes have you seen in your classes or job?

“I guess I've noticed that there is a lot more diversity in the classroom that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have the large population that we do.”

Do you think the university should continue to grow? Why, and do you think the increase is good or bad for San Marcos?

“Even though the growth causes a lot of problems, it’s still a good thing because as the population increases it’s better for the reputation of our school and it’s better economically for the city.”

What do you hope the future of the university will look like?

“I hope that because of the population growth our university becomes more exclusive and established and that people start viewing us on the same academic level as University of Texas and Texas A&M.”

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