Monday, February 22, 2016

Diverse Source

Quotes collected by: Haley Barr
Source: Randal Baccus
Identifying Info: Has lived in San Marcos 4 years; from Aransas Pass TX

Q1: Texas State has reached record-setting reenrolling for 18 consecutive years. How has this increase affected you personally?
     "Well with all the new students coming in, the university has to keep expanding and building more dorms and more classrooms. With that growth they are attempting, they will eventually take out my house."

Q2: Would you say the University's enrollment has been directly affecting the city of San Marcos?
     "Texas State has imminent power over the land off of Ranch Road 12 out towards Craddock. When they start building to accommodate all these new students, they will eventually have to demolish a lot of homes and local businesses to make space."

Q3: What do you mean you could lose your home?
     "I live behind Walk the Dead, that coffee shop, and eventually the school will demolish my home and the homes of other students and locals. So basically they are displacing their already established students to make room for the incoming freshman."

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