Monday, February 22, 2016

Diverse Sources

Quotes collected by: Daryan Jones
Source: Quinn Robichaux
Identifying Information: 20 years old, exercise sports science major

Q1: Texas State has constantly been growing, how does this growth in students personally affect you?

"Well I guess getting into classes. My anatomy class, I barely got into. I was monitoring it on CatsWeb and I had to wait and see if someone dropped. I got into it thankfully because I called ahead, I talked to the professor."

Q2: Are there any other issues you see with the population growth?

"Traffic for sure, but I think that might be because of all the construction. We are a small city on a hill, and I think the more crowded it gets the more dangerous it gets. I feel bad for all the native people here, like that they have to deal with all the students in their town."

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