Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse Sources

Quotes collected by : Clayton Kelley
Source: Gabriella Barbosa
Identifying Information: Junior, International Studies major

Q: How has increased enrollment impacted growth from a city level?
A:"I actually commute from Austin and I still feel that everything is so clustered. This city and town is too small and the campus is just getting bigger and bigger. I feel like the city of San Marcos has been positively impacted by businesses,  but it has not been a good impact on the environment- especially the river. It's both good and bad, but it opens the door for more littering and abuse in the river. We need to be more recycled based."

Q:What should the university do to address the growth of the population?
A: "The parking is awful, if they expanded upward instead of outward, it would also be beneficial to the city because no one is having to take spots in front of businesses. If you're having extra students come in, you can't just leave that parking garage as if it was the same 3 years ago, adding a few extra floors could help. You got kids parking downtown instead of paying parking passes. The University needs to acknowledge that we are growing. Classes are getting bigger, I've seen kids sit on the floor in classrooms because there is not enough seats."

Q:Do you think University should continue to grow?
A:  "I think it should, but I think they should handle the issues that are present now. I know they want more kids to come here because that means more kids, more money, but you need to take care of the kids you have here now before you let more in.  I think they need to take into account commuters, what are they going to do for commuters? They stopped the buses going from San Marcos to Austin and what are they going to do in place of that? There are many commuters here on campus and the University needs to accommodate more for them than just freshman residents."

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