Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse Sources 2

Quotes collected by: Anna Herod
Source: Maddy Brooker, 19
Identifying information: elementary education sophomore, Burleson, Texas

Q: Texas State has had record-breaking enrollment numbers for 18 consecutive years. How has the growth in the student body affected you?
A: One of the things that attracted me to Texas State was the fact that it is a big school. I like to be busy, and constantly meet new people so going to a school with out a large student body just wouldn't be something that I would like. If anything, it just makes campus life more interesting. 
Q: Are there any areas you have noticed that the large student body makes things more difficult, maybe when it comes to parking?
A: Actually, yes. Even though I do love going to a big school, parking here is absolutely terrible. It is especially a pain for me because I tend to be really involved. That means every time I go to campus for a meeting or a practice I have to leave 45 minutes early just to ensure that I can find a parking space and get to wherever I need to go on time. I was a Strutter here last year so I bought a parking pass, but even with the pass you could barely find anywhere to park. It's dumb because you pay so much for that pass and it doesn't really help half the time. 

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