Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diverse sources 2

Quotes collected by: Danielle Horowitz
Source: Christian Newton
Identifying information about the source: Freshman, physical therapy major, from Austin

1. Texas State has reached record-setting enrollment for 18 consecutive years. How have you been affected by the increased enrollment?
-" For me personally, I haven't really been affected by it. I came here expecting large lecture classes, so I wasn't surprised by all the students.

2. How has the increased enrollment impacted growth at a city-level?
-" I have definitely seen an increase in pollution, especially in our rivers. With more people, comes more beer cans floating in the river. I've also noticed more and more restaurants and businesses popping up."

3. With this increase in pollution, what should the university do to address this problem?
-" I think the boat tours are a great way to inform students of how important our rivers are and the effects of polluting them. More students should get involved with the river clean-up program here at Texas State."

4. Do you think the university should continue to grow?
-"It's hard to say. There's already so many students here, that I feel like Texas State should increase their curriculum standards so it would be harder for students to get accepted."

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