Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse Sources 1

Quotes collected by: Evan Brisco

Source: Parker Dak
Identifying information about the source: Sophomore Buisness major from Denton, Texas. 

Question #1: The university had a record enrollment of students for 18 consecutive years in a row. How has the increased enrollment affected you?  "I park at Matthews and it seems like it is more and more difficult to park in that garage. A lot of the time I have to park in a red lot and end up getting a ticket."

Question #2: How has the traffic increased since you have been here? "I think it has roughly stayed the same, if not gotten worse. I am really glad that North LBJ street it finally done. The traffic on Aquarena when they start that bridge construction will be rough."

Question #3: What should the University do to address these problems? "Build more dedicated parking, or daily pay lots. This town is growing so fast and the University needs to accommodate all these cars coming."

Question #4: What are you thoughts on campus parking? "Like I said, parking on campus, for me, is getting to be more and more difficult and costly. I have to commute to campus and I do not know what I will do if something does not change. If I have to do this for 2 more years I might consider changing schools."

Question #5: If you could talk to Dr. Trauth directly, what would you say to her regarding these issues? "I would tell her that she is potentially losing students do to lack of parking. Campus desperately needs to rethink parking lots and maybe take away parking from the dorms."

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