Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diverse Sources 1

Quotes collected by: Thomas Murphy
Source: Jonathon Ferguson
Identifying information about the source: Sociology major, senior from Austin, TX

Texas State has reached record-setting enrollment for the past 18 consecutive years. How have you been affected by the increased enrollment?  

“I have been able to interact with a large diverse group of people with a lot of different cultural interest. It has really given me a different perspective on life. I grew up in one environment and I would not have known what other types of cultures and lifestyle are out there.”

How has the increased enrollment impacted growth at the city-level?

“ San Marcos was a real small community, and when Texas State starting growing it really added a different dynamic to the city as a whole. The city was a nice town but Texas State put the small town on the map.”

What do you think the university should do to address the growth in population?

 “ I think that it is extremely important to keep in consideration the positive and negative impacts that the large population has on the community. There are impacts to local businesses and people who have lived here who don’t have a voice. It is unfair to the locals to destroy the town they grew up in.”

What changes have you seen in your classes or job?

“I have not experienced any major changes due to the enrollment. I believe class sizes right now are fine but hopefully they don’t get any larger as student enrollment increases.”

Do you think that the university should continue to grow? Why, and do you think that the increase is good or bad for San Marcos?

“ I believe we should continue to grow because the increase in students brings economic growth to the university and local businesses.  But, it is important to be prepared for the challenges ahead of us as we continue to grow." 


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