Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diverse Sources 1

Quotes collected by: Nicole Vaguine
Source: Zoe Grosskopf
Identifying information: From San Antonio, Senior, Agricultural studies major

 Texas State has reached record-setting enrollment for 18 consecutive years. How have you been affected by the increased enrollment?'

 "I haven't really been affected, since I am part of a small department, the agriculture department. It's a really rare part of the university where everyone knows everyone. I have noticed an increase this semester though, like where are all these people coming from? It makes parking not fun, but it changes the atmosphere because it allows us to continue being one of the most diverse schools. There's enough people here to were everyone can find a friend or an organization to join. Who knows, maybe with all this growth they will lower tuition a little. Even if it's just $3, that can buy me a burger." 

     How was the increased enrollment impacted growth at the city-level?

 "I hate driving in this city. Mainly because of student drivers. I will say that the culture has diversified so much. I go to Stonewall, a club on The Square, and I've noticed an increase there as well. It's not even just LBGT there anymore, there is people of all colors and sexualities that go there. It's amazing, it's one of the things I love seeing about this city is how diverse it is. But it does male traffic and commuting annoying, and businesses get more busy... but it's awesome. "

    Do you think the university should continue to grow? Why, and do you think the   increase is good or bad for San Marcos?

"I actually have a lot of view points on this. Because you see a lot of new businesses coming into the area, I'm not sure if you've driven around lately, there's at least five new businesses being built right now, and that's just what I am seeing driving down the highway. There's probably more. And that's great, but also the part of San Marcos's charm is that it's small, it's a college town. It's a population of a minor city. I love the layout and I love a lot of the history that is here. I feel like that can possibly get overshadowed in the future with all the new development. Do you know that waterfall area over by Saltgrass? They're starting to build it to how Sewell is right now. And one part of why I loved that place so much was because it was so untouched, aside from the waterfall; they needed that. Everything else, you just walked in and everything was just completely natural. But I do appreciate how everything is expanding. It could be good or bad. I like to take the stance that it is good because getting more people to come up here makes it more fun. I just hope the city keeps and preserves the good parts of San Marcos."

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