Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse Source

Quote collected by: Haley Barr
Source: Cosmo Wilson
Identifying Information: Texas State Alum, Summer 2015 Graduate, Richardson TX

Q1: Regarding the increased enrollment at Texas State, what have you seen change since you were a Freshman in 2010?
"I have seen a lot of growth in terms of noticing more students, noticing the crowded quad, noticing the crowded bars on the square. Plus, there is never any parking anywhere and sometimes there aren't even enough desks in classrooms to accommodate all the students. That is crazy to me."
"At graduation, they said that 10 new building had been built since our class was Freshman. The stadium didn't look like that when I got here, and building like the UAC didn't even exist"

Q2: So do you think this growth is good for San Marcos?
"They like to call the University the Rising Star of Texas which is true I guess. We just recently made it on the top 100 Universities to attend in the U.S."
""It's a pain that there is construction everywhere in San Marcos all the time because of Texas State. The construction you see all over the city is an outcome of the growth."

Q3: Do you think the city can handle this growth?
"The city is doing the best they can now to grow with the increasing amount of students, but I think they should have been foreseeing this and working ahead of the growth instead of with it."

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