Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse source 2

Kyle Cavnar, Phycology Major. Junior from Houston, Tx.

Q: How has the increase in student enrollment affected you at your time here at Texas State?

A: The main thing that comes to mind is the bus system. Getting to class if you live off campus is a major struggle. Sometimes you'd have to wait over 20 minutes for bus just to find out it's still to packed for you to get on, so you have to wait another 20 minutes. Every year, more and more students move off campus so the congestion is just getting worse and worse. Even if you drive here, the traffic during class time is so heavy, it almost feels impossible just to get in and out of the campus.

Q: Do you see any positives from the population increase?

A: Yeah I do. For one, more people means more buildings for housing, more restaurants and more entertainment outlets. With so many people, the economy can only thrive with so many students spending money in this area. More people also means more community service in this area. Bobcat Build continues to grow every single year and it only helps the university and the city that much more. Texas State educates its students well about the environment so I think people here are really passionate about getting involved.

Q: How would you fix the housing and bus issues you brought up before?

A: I'm a transfer student, so when I first got here I really wanted to stay in a dorm to really get that college experience. The dorms were so packed that they couldn't get me in, so it was really upsetting. Honestly, there just needs to be more housing outlets for students. Especially on campus. If the university builds apartment style resident halls near campus, it could really help encourage students to stay closer to campus. The bus problem is a tough one because I really don't have a solution. But the university should really pay bus companies more money to have more buses on route to help out the situation.

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