Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diverse Source--1

Christel Rudd, Dance Education major. Sophomore from San Antonio, Texas.

Q: Texas State has reached enrollment numbers from 18 consecutive years. How have you been affected by the increased enrollment?

A: I commute from San Antonio where I'm from and parking lately has been such a huge issue for me. It seems that Texas State's population has grown so much it has negatively affected parking. We only get like two parking garages and certain spots on campus so sometimes the struggle just to park on campus is really bad.

Q: What changes have you seen in your classes in regards to population?

A: All of my intro level classes have so many students in them. Usually in the hundreds so the connection from student to professor gets lost. The few smaller classes I do have, I tend to excel in. I don't think you can really avoid that problem. I just wish there were maybe more TA's per class so students can at least have more of a chance to find a connection through their work.

Q: What do you think the university should do to help solve some of the problems you've brought up?

A: Well I really think that parking needs to be addressed. This school has a lot of commuters coming in and out everyday and we should have more spaces available. The university should build more parking garages to help with the problem. Building up can save space and add a lot spaces for people.

Q: Do you think the university is good business for the city?

A: The amount of students at the school really help the economy, I feel. We shop at the stores here, buy supplies and dine here as well. The university is growing a lot, and the plus side is that our money goes directly back into San Marcos which is nice.

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