Friday, October 2, 2015

Diverse Sources

Quotes collected by: Elliott French
Source: Tracy Gieck
Identifying information about the source: Senior business major from Canyon Lake, Texas.

Question #1: The university had a record number of enrollment (38,006) last year and is expecting to set another record this year. How has this increase affected you?

Tracy Gieck: “Adversely. It’s harder to park; it takes longer to get food in the LBJ or other feeding establishments. And because the have closed other ones for campus upgrades I find myself skipping eating.”

Question #2: should the University continue to grow?

Tracy Gieck: "
No. I do not. I think it makes for larger paycheck for the people at the top of the Texas state food chain.”

Question #3: Did the size of the University influence your decision to attend here?

Tracy Gieck: "No, I did it mostly for convenience. In terms of quality there were some other colleges in the general vicinity, but this was the perfect storm for me in terms of distance and what I was looking to get in a degree, which is business and McCoy is pretty well known for business."

Question #4:  How has the increased campus population affected your commute?

Tracy Gieck: "It’s a 40 minute drive one way. I haven’t been late for a class yet but I was really close a few times because I just sat as they had alternating lanes of traffic go. Luckily I’m done in May because I wouldn’t be wanting to commute any longer."

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