Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diverse sources interview

Interviewer: Sophia Elkins
Source: Rachel Clarke
Identifying information about the source: junior, business administration major

Question 1: How has the increased enrollment at Texas State affected you?

“As a third year on-campus student, getting food during the day is a hassle because the lines are so much longer now.  There is also barely any places to sit once you do get through the lines. I’ll be so happy when Jones opens back up next fall so that there are more dining options for everyone.”

Question 2: Do you think the university should continue to grow?

“Everything on campus should expand.  We need more buildings, more classes, more housing, and more dining places.”

Question 3: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here? Why?

“My first choice college was a small private school.  I was totally ready to go there but then decided it wasn’t for me when touring.  When I toured Texas State I just loved the atmosphere and the feeling that I got while I was there.  Yes, the size intimidated me at first, but I wouldn’t say it influenced my decision in anyway.”

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