Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diverse sources exercise

The university had a record enrollment of 38,006 students last year and expected to have a record or near record of last year. How has the increased enrollment affected you?
As a grad student in my office I think it affects us as how we program and how we conserve all these students and looking at all the different populations that come in, so when we do our programs we have to be mindful of how big the space is and who we can accommodate, so that’s definitely one way.

For your programming purpose have you seen or came across issues that you had an event that wasn’t big enough to accommodate the population of students?
I know that one of our events, the deans list reception is held in the ballroom and its not big enough to accommodate the amount of students that we have, so that definitely plays a big part of it

What office are you referring to?
I work for Student Involvement and the office that puts on deans list is PALM.

In your opinion, should the university continue to grow?
I think yes, for now. I think eventually it needs to cap because I don’t think san Marcos is big enough to accommodate this many students and you have to think about housing. They’ve already had an overflow of students and had to find places for these students to live; apartments can’t be built fast enough and we don’t want to push out residents and like take away from San Marcos; maybe keep growing for a couple more years but eventually we do need to cap.

San Marcos was rated the fastest growing city in America last year. Do you feel that the growth of the city is good or bad?  Do you feel like gentrification is going to take over the city?
I think its good that the city is growing, it brings in a lot of new income and a lot of new people, but like I said, we cant keep accommodating everyone that keeps coming in. I know the river is such a huge part of this city and from an environmental standpoint we don’t want to ruin that and over pollute it and I already see a lot of that going on throughout the city; environmentally we need to stop. We can keep going for a little bit, but environmentally we need to stop or slow down. We need to be mindful of the growth

How do you think the increase in enrollment has affected the parking situation on and off campus?
Oh man, parking on campus is terrible on an campus; the school I went to had 2,000 students and we could still barely accommodate parking for that. Parking will never be ideal, but we just need to keep building parking lots or figure out a better way to do parking because its crazy. Even if you have a pass it takes you 45 min to find a spot.

Has the construction helped the situation helped or made it worse?
Ok, so. Construction is great because it means progression but it is super inconvenient when for whatever reason you start a major project but you don’t finish and it takes you forever and you start another one and you’re like ok its fine; its definitely starting problems with parking and with just getting to class. It messes up the bus systems. I know my bus has to go this roundabout way just to get to campus because Aquarena is going to be under major construction soon. So its super inconvenient and because this town is so small were already affected by the railroads that go through it that it really doesn’t help anything, but if you’re trying to be optimistic about things it just means the place is growing and things will get better.

If the university continues to grow, would its effects positive or negative affect your decision to stay at Texas State or San Marcos?
So as a grad student I’m only in and out for 2 years, so it really doesn’t affect me that much. In my job search I definitely want to get out of San Marcos. I think the growing definitely think the growing definitely affects it; there’s never anywhere to park and there’s a lot people and it feels overcrowded. There’s no way I would ever stay here

Was the size of the university ever an incentive to come here or did the size of the university ever turn you off?
Like I said the school I went too was only 2,000 students so I really wanted to challenge myself to go somewhere where the population was way bigger so I could get that big university feel. Otherwise if I was an undergraduate student looking at that I would have never came here because that’s just too big. I think what Texas state does well is that they have a big population but they keep the feeling very small and personal so that’s nice but you wouldn’t know that unless you came here.

Your last university was 2,000 students; This semester we had 38,000 students enroll, that’s almost 20 times the size. How was that transition for you?
It was really tough for me. It was just weird, at my old campus you can just walk around and know everyone and obviously at a new campus there’s no way you can know everyone. But even now you will never see the same person every day unless it’s on a routine, but it was definitely challenging.  It’s a huge campus and it was hard.

What recommendations would you give to dr. trauth on behalf of all Texas state students?
Speaking selfishly for grad students, we should have special parking passes for grads because a lot of times we have to be up here layer and buses are inconvenient for us. So hey Dr. Trauth please consider us and our hours for undergraduates that’s hard for me to think of.

What are your typical hours like for a grad student, with your internship and your classes?
Typically I will work in the morning until the afternoon and the earliest class ill have is 3:30 and the earliest I’ll get out is 9:20 but sometimes our programs wont let out until after 10. The night buses as we all know are the worst. It’s just really difficult when you have to go home and do homework but it takes 45 minutes to get home and you live only seven minutes away.

For the record how would you like to be addressed?
My name is Nicole Pilson and I am the graduate assistant for volunteer service with the office of student involvement.

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