Friday, October 2, 2015

Diverse Sources 2

Quotes collected by: Elliott French
Source: Haley Martin
Identifying information about the source: Sophomore Public Relations major from Flowermound, Texas.

Question #1: The university had a record number of enrollment (38,006) last year and is expecting to set another record this year. How has this increase affected you?

 Haley Martin: “I don’t think so, I wasn’t aware that there was an increase. I haven’t noticed an increased amount of people in my classes and still feel like I get enough attention from my teachers.”

Question #2: should the University continue to grow?

Haley Martin: “I think we should continue to grow because the more people, the more funds and opportunities we have available.”

Question #3: Did the size of the University influence your decision to attend here?

Haley Martin: “I was glad we had a large university just because there was more diversity, but I didn’t come to this school for the size.”

Question #4:  How has the increased campus population affected your commute?

Haley Martin: “Sometimes the buses are really full and it will cause me to miss a bus.”

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