Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diverse Source Interview

Quotes Collected by: Raquel Kimm
Source # 1: Kristi Beltcher
Identifying information about the source: Kristi Beltcher, Computer Science Major, Senior, from Houston, Texas
Q1: What impact have you seen from the record setting enrollment here for the 18th consecutive years?
"There is about 1,000 problems that have came from the increased enrollment here. It is crowded everywhere, the dining hall lines are significantly longer now then they were when I was a freshman. My favorite thing to do it go study at coffee shops, but now I can't even find a seat to study at in some of my favorite places"
 Q2: What were some of the reasons you choose to attend Texas State?
"I choose to attend this University over the University of Texas because I wanted smaller classes so I can have more one-on-one time with my professors. My sister had a 200 student calculus class and I can here to avoid that, but with the more people it isn't possible to find very many if any small classes."
 Q3: So, do you prefer that Texas State doesn't continue to increase in size?
 " I would prefer that we would have stayed a medium school. I do want this school to become a one of the big universities."
 Q4: What would you say is the different about San Marcos compared to Houston?
 "Houston has 4 million people live there, but they also have 4 million parking spots. I mean Houston has the same problems as any city, but I feel like there are parking problems everywhere on campus. I can never find parking here, and it feels like they aren't making more parking spots available to keep up with the amount of students that are enrolled."
 Q5: Do you feel like there are any other major problems that have been caused?
 "I have attended this University for four years and there is always something under construction. They are knocking dorms that hold a lot of historical value to replace them with bigger newer dorms. They try to keep the buildings historical, but I feel like the buildings they have done that to like Old Main and the Comal building don't have the same historical value. It feel like the school is getting rid of it's history.
Quotes collected by: Raquel Kimm
Source # 2: Raymond Tijerina
Identifying information about the source: Raymond Tijerina, Mathematics Major, Junior, from San Antonio, Texas
Q1: What impact have you seen from the record setting enrollment here for the 18th consecutive year?
“The increase in population density only negatively impacts the whole community. I’m talking increased traffic, pollution and litter. San Marcos is also prompted to keep up with the increase, thus you see construction as an unending process that really contributes to the congestion.”
Q2: What were the reasons you choose to come to Texas State?
“I came here because it was a perfect location. In between Austin and San Antonio, the two cities where it’s at. You put a college town in between those two places and it can only be destined for greatness. Plus, it’s the only place that accepted me.”
Q3: How is going to school different in San Marcos different compared to San Antonio?
“You really get a different demographic of people here. Where I come from it is predominately Hispanic, but here there is a mix a lot of different backgrounds and cultures so it’s a great experience.
Q4: Would you say the diversity the school receives from the population growth outweighs the negative impacts that come with the high enrollment?
“I would say I like the school where it is at currently. Therefore, no. If our university experiences anymore growth then we ourselves could eventually become shrouded in numbers, which could most likely reduce an optimal college experience.
Q5: Do you think the enrollment records are going to continue to be record breaking for the next ten years?
“I don’t think that it will break records every year for the next ten years. Or even 5. But then again I don’t know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow, so I couldn’t really tell ya.”  

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