Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diverse Source Interview

Quotes collected by: Meredyth Wiegand
Source: Mary Price
Classification: Senior
Occupation: Student early childhood education major
Hometown: Bedford, TX
Age: 21

1. The university had a record enrollment of 38,006 students this fall. How has this increased enrollment affected you?

"I have to leave thirty minutes before anything because I have to cross Aquarena. The traffic is just ridiculous, and it doesn't help that there's a train running right through town. I definitely don't miss taking the bus. Also with textbooks, there are never any books to buy there are never enough to order, they're always back ordered which puts me behind in my studies." 

2. Why don't you miss taking the bus?

"I use to have to be ready an hour before class just to make sure I could catch a bus and make it to class on time. I lived at The Heights 2 and being the last stop it was always packed and a lot of the time impossible to find a seat. I hated it."

3. Should Texas State continue to grow?

"Yes and no, I think it should because it's a great school and offers a great education because they teach giving hands on experience. But it's such a small town I don't know how they plan to fit many more people."

4. Did the size of Texas State influence your decision to come here and why?

"A little bit because it wasn't a huge well known school, it wasn't an overwhelming amount like UT, but it wasn't small enough to where I'd run into the same people everyday."

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